ÑÑÑ / Magazine Design

Editorial. Print Design. 2017.

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ÑÑÑ is a small magazine design, it is an annual Spanish publication edited by PASA’s students, under the direction and coordination of the course called «graphic design projects». The objective of the magazine is that students discuss the situation of graphic design from their own perspectives and to deal with cultural issues from design. I was selected to design the style of the magazine itself with the aim of developing a formal reticle that would allow the deconstruction of the elements and, in general, that style was easy to apply. An interesting part was the design of the cover where I developed the concept of how each one of the collaborators of the magazine gives their own perspective of the design, this is reflected on the different geometric shapes that allude to the members of the magazine (10 students) and the colour as it has 10 different covers.