Iberian – Bike Shop / Brand Identity.

Brand Identity. Dynamic Identity. Flexible Brand. 2016.

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Iberian is the result of my final project study. The idea emerge with the aim of designing the graphic comunication about a previously designed product in order to carry out an interdisciplinary project between graphic design and product design. However, the idea was finally extrapolated in a bicycle shop that also markets its own products. Iberian tries to communicate values ​​and objectives that are related to its target and what they refer to; tradition, solidity, dynamic, specialized, current and singular. But what differentiates the company from the rest is its ability to treat each client in a specialized way and make it feel part of the company. The project consisted of developing a flexible graphic system based on naming, which refers to the geographical situation of the company, its values ​​and objectives. Considering that the brand can specialize and customize as much as you want, the system is based on encompassing the graphic form of the Iberian Peninsula in a circle that is divided by the letters of the alphabet, although all the divisions converge on a specific point that is the situation of the company on the physical map of Spain. The selection of letters that you want to represent there are some unique divisions that also have a unique color palette, since within the system there is also a chromatic circle and therefore each letter is assigned a specific color palette. The graphic system developed is applicable to any communicative piece, from a poster, typography, patterns, etc. Certainly, the graphic system allows all the pieces of the identity to have a unique graphic coherence.