EAAL / Poster Brochure

Editorial. Print Design. 2015.

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Antonio López School of Art is an educational institution with various programs of study in design. Linked to the Erasmus + program, I was commissioned to design an informative item that can be sent to the rest of the universities with an agreement for the exchange of students. The objective was to create a brochure to present all the information in several languages and the duration of their curricula. Under the concept of representing the university, pedagogy, open mind, fun, creativity and optimistic future, I designed a brochure that was at the same time a poster, in which it is shown the values and objectives of the institution as a manifesto, with the intention that the future student feels part of the institution. Printed in 100×70 with two different colors, the brochure was sent with the press-accurate proofs with the idea of being eco-friendly.