Blablablá / Booklet.

Publication. Editorial. Print Design. Personal. 2017.

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Blablablá is an editorial design that symbolises a conflict between two or more people talking about any subject. From typographic and experimental variations of the words «bla, blablá and blablablá» it is graphically represented a concept of theatre essay where the meaning of words assumes importance because the reader gives his own meaning. For example, for me, an unfounded discourse by one of the parties, which generates a dialectical argument without sense. The book is presented as a small theatre essay where the initials N.N. means “no name”, only the one that the reader gives. The idea of using a theatre essay as a basis is preceded by the expression «acting», associated with the irreverent behaviour of a person. The result is a small publication of five copies where the dialogues of the different parts «collide» with each other, promoting the conflict idea.